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ing: the cultural level of the masses is raised,
their cultural interest is aroused, but at the same
time the masses begin to dominate culture and
adapt it to their own level. The culture of an
elite is left isolated, becomes refined to the point
where it exhibits signs of fatal illness and its
representatives acquire a taste for death. This
is cultural decadence, a misuse of the sources of
life. Another part of the culturally creative try
to save themselves by adapting themselves to
the masses, to their tastes and demands, by trying
to live up (or down) to the people's will. And
the very existence of a cultural elite, divorced
from the life of the people, becomes more and
more useless and abnormal. Such a group has
no future. This crisis of qualitative culture, this
sad fate of the intellectuals, is a situation evidently
inescapable save by a spiritual revolution in the
world, a religious renaissance. Such a cultural
renaissance is impossible because the world has
grown too old. Only a religious renaissance is
possible. This alone is capable of solving the
problem of the right relationship between the
iristocratic and the democratic, the personal and
he social elements in culture.

Russian Communism and German National-
socialism are dictated world-views, dictatorship
>ver the spirit. Hence both are cultures created
cby order." In both countries this has taken